PAF Fund Drive Blog- Day 26

Day 26 of the Fund Drive and we are now down to the last 8 days of our campaign.  We had some additional new cash and renewals turned in at today’s report session and need a HUGE week from everyone to help us achieve our goal of $50K.

Congratulations to the all of the Fund Drive workers who remained committed to this past week’s goal of securing $50 in new cash for the week as it was a great opportunity for our team to make a significant contribution to our overall numbers.  We will have to replicate the efforts of this past week with additional contributions from every single volunteer in order to put us in a good position leading into the last week of the Fund Drive.

For those volunteers who were unable to secure a $50 new cash donation over the past week, challenge yourself to that same goal this week with an additional challenge of securing a minimum of $100 in new cash in order to make up for the missed opportunity last week.

Weekly Promotion:

  1. 500 bonus points to the individual who secures a new cash member for the new signage assets shared at today’s meeting.
  2. 500 bonus points awarded to any team who has 100% participation in securing a $50 donation by next week’s report session. (2nd chance opportunity)

Tip of the Day: Pacific water polo head coach James Graham has been tabbed to be the head coach of Team USA in Men’s Water Polo at the 2017 World University Games.

**Be sure to share the assets announced at today’s meeting with any prospects that may have an interest in receiving additional exposure at all men’s/women’s basketball games and women’s volleyball games.  The new PAF signage opportunity includes 2 signage displays (one on the concourse, one on the floor behind the bench) and two season tickets in the PAF Section available now.  Use the slide attached in the blog to share with any prospect that may have an interest.

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