PAF Fund Drive Blog- Day 22

Day 22 of the Fund Drive and the momentum is continuing to build in our favor.  Congratulations to Kerwin Garcia for securing two new PAF cash members today and leading the way for this week’s weekly bonus point promotion!!


  1. As discussed in this week’s meeting, OUR GOAL is for every single Fund Drive Volunteer to arrive at next week’s Report Session #5 with a minimum of $50 or more secured in new cash PAF Members!!
  2. The final week of the Fund Drive has been extended to June 5-9 with the final day being June 9th to turn in any new cash PAF Members.
  3. We are adding one more Report Session on June 5th at the Alumni House.
  4. The closing luncheon will be on June 14th from 12-1 PM at the Alumni House.

Weekly Promotion:

  1. 500 bonus points awarded to any team who has 100% participation in securing a $50 donation by next week’s report session on Tuesday, May 30th.
  2. 500 bonus points awarded to the individual who secures the most new cash PAF Members by next week’s report session on Tuesday, May 30th (min. $100 secured)

Tip of the Day:  Positive thoughts to motivate and reenergize yourself in contributing towards our goal of $50K:

  • Trying and failing is better than doing nothing.
  • I can’t win unless I try.
  • Effort is the only way to get results.

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