PAF Fund Drive Blog- Day 21

Day 21 of the Fund Drive and we are continuing to make some positive strides towards our overall goal of $50K this year!  We still have some work to do, but we received a positive sign of things to come in the Fund Drive with several new PAF cash members turned in today along with some renewals and upgraded renewals which was great to see!

As discussed in this week’s meeting, OUR GOAL is for every single Fund Drive Volunteer to arrive at next week’s Report Session #5 with a minimum of $50 or more secured in new cash PAF Members!!

If each of our Fund Drive Volunteers is able accomplish this goal for next week, we feel it would tremendously impact our efforts in reaching our overall goal of $50K and provide each person with an opportunity to deliver in their support of the Fund Drive.  Each and every one of you can help us accomplish this goal of $50K for the Fund Drive!

Weekly Promotion:

  1. 500 bonus points awarded to any team who has 100% participation in securing a $50 donation by next week’s report session on Tuesday, May 30th.
  2. 500 bonus points awarded to the individual who secures the most new cash PAF Members by next week’s report session on Tuesday, May 30th (min. $100 secured)

Tip of the Day:  As Coach Stoudamire shared in today’s report session, “Every donation is important no matter how big or how small.”  Every donation matters and has a huge impact on the student-athletes experience.

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